Saturday, June 13, 2015

Meriweather Lewis Outfit

 Well, hello there, rusty old blog! I've been sewing like crazy, which has left me no time to blog aobut sewing. Go figure. Recently I had an opportunity to make something for my boy! Boys are tough to sew for, especially after they get past the toddler stage. When he asked me to make him a buckskin tunic for his Meriweather Lewis project, I was ready for it! I wish I had taken a before picture, because this outfit was made from an unlikely source.

A few months ago, a friend offered me a pile of clothing to up-cycle and I knew that a particular suede suit coat would come in handy. I cut it apart at the seams and laid it out flat to see what I had to work with. Due to seam placement, I had to get creative but it worked! Barely! I cut the extra pieces into strips and cut the fringe from them. The construction is pretty rough, but I knew it would only be worn a few times, for the Wax Museum at school, and for dress up at home.

He also wanted a tri-corner hat and I am proud to say it was his idea to modify an old felt cowboy hat. I used an upholstery needle and thread to tack the brim up in three places, and voila! A tri-corner hat. It goes nicely with his neon orange shirt underneath. Very Meriweather Lewis. :)

P.S. The pants were left over from his Daniel Boone outfit from a year or two ago. Can't believe they still fit!