Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Dress of Gloom and Despair

So Rachel had this pattern. I loved it and decided to trace the pattern and make one for myself. (Rachel likes when I do this so that I can work out all the kinks and see if its a good pattern before she makes it. Clever girl she is.) So, I found myself some fabric and got to work. My observations are as follows:
  • Vogue patterns are made to look very professional, inside and out
  • Making a dress look professional includes french seams on EVERYTHING, and linings and facings so that there are no exposed seams
  • While that may look all fine and dandy, its a major pain in the behind!!!
  • Invisible zippers are a pain
  • Especially when they break after you've installed it for the third time
  • Having your mom install the zipper is way easier than doing it yourself
  • Piping is really fun and a lot easier than I thought!
  • Using a hand-me-down shirt to make the piping will make you feel very cheeky
  • Spending hours and hours on Vogue dress that makes you look like you are smuggling watermelons is very un-gratifying; lets just say the the top part is not, uh, flattering for those who are a little busty ;)


  1. Having you make the patterns has really been working for me! Sorry this one was such a gigantic pain. Maybe it should be my turn to try something crazy :)

  2. P.S. Mom is the zipper wizard. Despite my best intensions, she has installed all but one zipper for me.

  3. It's pretty fabric and a pretty dress. Too bad it didn't fit. I hate when that happens!