Friday, July 30, 2010

Just In The Nick Of Time!!!

Here is my project for the July Dress Challenge! This one is for my daughter, who will be turning three soon. This dress was made from an older McCalls pattern, one I actually bought back in high school or college. I bought it thinking that someday, I just might have a special someone to make it for! I did make several alterations to the pattern, including changing the closing from zipper to buttons. I had the perfect buttons from my Grandma C.'s button box, and I just had to use them for this dress. The other alteration I made was to eliminate two additional panels in the skirt. I can't imagine sewing it with all the panels. It was hard enough sewing all the layers; I can't imagine if it had been bulkier. The reason I left out a few panels was that I made the dress using two curtains I found at a yard sale for about a buck a piece. I was able to carefully arrange the pieces so I had exactly enough for the dress. There was not a scrap to spare, I tell you, not even enough for a matching purse! The band on the bottom of the skirt front was part of the curtain. Of course, I used the existing curtain hem so that I didn't even have to hem this puppy! To compensate for the lack of extra panels in the skirt, I am making a petticoat (?) to go with it. I cut apart the layers of the slip from my wedding dress (NOT the dress itself!) and will be using that for the petticoat.

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