Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Devil is This Red Dress

This dress was supposed to be finished in time for the July Dress challenge. I used the Danielle pattern for this catastrophy (see here for a successful rendition) and I chose to use crepe de chine which is a HUGE nightmare. The fabric scorches easily so the facings can'tbe ironed to my liking and the fusing of interfacing on the waistband left permanent marks. AHHHHHHHHHH.... I've decided that I will not be finishing this dress. The one positive thing that came out of it though is that the invisible zipper went in wonderfully :) I always enjoy winning that battle especially when the rest of the project turns out all wrong!


  1. Argh, matey! Is that the facing sticking out the top? Too bad it didn't work. It would have been pretty.

  2. Yup...that's the facing. Now I know better than to use that fabric for this type of project.