Monday, October 4, 2010

The Lil' Cutie Pouch, Again

Here is my version of the Lil' Cutie Pouch. My son has been asking for a wallet. Since he is 5 and deals primarily in whatever change he can scrounge from the couch cushions, he really needed something that would more securely hold his loot. I bought a carabiner to go through the loop so he can hook it to his belt loop. He promptly filled it with his money and a few small toy horses to 'entertain him on long trips.' The best part? When I asked him if he wanted a bigger pouch for his toy horses, he said 'Why would you do that? This one is just perfect!'

PS. The outer fabric is leftover from the denim skirt I made the pants from! That skirt is going a long way.

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