Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer PJ Shorts - Modified Simplicity 2821

I don't know about where you all are but where I am it's HOT! I guess it's not even so much the heat in the 90s as it is the humidity. Even with the AC set low the house still feels like a wet towel...yuck! I keep seeing cute PJ shorts around town at Target and Espirit and Anthropologie but for $15+ a pair I'm just too cheap to buy any especially when the quality is so poor. So with that in mind, I dug out a simple PJ pattern, totally redrafted it to fit me perfectly and went crazy. I used Marimekko fabric for the red and flower pairs and a regular quilting cotton for the brown pair. I also used vintage buttons and trims to finish them off. They are fast and easy to make and use very little fabric so all in all, I paid less than $5 for all three pairs. The added bonus of this project was that I discovered the overlock stitch on my sewing machine. Why and how I missed that sweet feature before I do not know. Now if I'm feeling too lazy to do french seams I can quickly finish them with stitch 06 and foot G!

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  1. That overlock stitch is super! I must see if I have that.