Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas and Random Projects Coming Up

It may seem like I've disappeared.  Quite to the contrary actually.  I've been quietly and furiously crafting and mending things in my spare time.  The problem has been that my last three projects have all failed leaving me with nothing to post.  Sometimes that happens and it's really annoying. A necklace I was repurposing broke right as the last beads were about to be strung, a dress I was making wouldn't gather properly no matter how many times I ripped out the seams and lovingly tried to fix it and a top I was making just plain old didn't come together as planned. So to regroup, I've started gathering together a list of simple and beautiful projects for Christmas decorating and a few just because they're interesting. This year I've decided to go all out with the Christmas stuff because it's the first year ever that we've really been "home". - Emroidery hoop storage - Hanger covers - Rope Vases - Round Nesting Baskets - Ruffled Tree Skirt - Magazine Gift Bows - Pinecone Ball Ornaments - Christmas Stockings

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  1. Rach! If you don't make the rope vases by the time you guys come up here, I'll give you this awesome twine/rope stuff mom and I found at a yard sale. It would be perfect!