Sunday, May 6, 2012

Curtain Tie Back

This is a lame attempt to post something resembling a craft related project. So it's not much but after months of being M.I.A. it's at least a glimmer of creativity. Over the last couple of months, I've been crazy busy with one ridiculous thing after another. We also moved recently which added to the overall lack of margin and now that we are 3 weeks into our new lease I have had the opportunity to start digging through my sewing stuff (finally).

One of the rooms at our new place needed new curtains badly for the sliding glass doors.  The old ones that the last tenant left looked like a Dirndl covered in a decade of dust and dead spiders....yuck. I was trolling around Etsy the other day and found some really awesome tin curtain tie backs from the 1890s and ordered them. When they arrived, they were really cute but waaaaaaayyyy smaller than they looked in the original picture. After a little brain storming I remembered that I'd been hoarding some red Moda "Je T'aime" ribbon and used the two things together to tie back my curtains.  I still need to finish the ribbon edges but I like the way it turned out.