Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NEWS FLASH! Ice Storm Leads To Sewing Bender

This winter in PA has been a real bust. Not much snow to speak of, but I think we are on our third ice storm. On Monday it was so slippery that I didn't think I would make it back up the hill from putting my kids on the bus. For each step I took, I slipped back two! For obvious reasons I decided to stay home and dig into my 'unfinished projects' pile. C'mon, you know you have one too. :) Here is what I managed to accomplish in a day (most of these projects had already been cut out and a few partially sewn).

It was a banner day! I finished 7 projects and got them listed in ye olde Etsy shop. I am slowly getting faster at listing but I must say it is not my favorite part of the process. Today, I wanted to keep my momentum but also accomplish other things. Hello, laundry! I had sewn the bodice to this dress yesterday, and was able to finish it today. I have had enough gathering for one day, thank-you-very-much.
What about you, trusty blog reader? What is in your 'unfinished projects' stash? Are you waiting for an ice storm to come along to give you motivation to finish them? :)

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