Monday, May 17, 2010

The Phoebe Bag

I'm just going to come right out and say that this bag is awesome and you should make it. It is very simple and I actually made it Saturday morning before my husband got out of bed, and with my three kids underfoot. Here is the link to the pattern.

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  1. Oh my gosh,this is such a cute bag, I have to confess,I don't know how you do your crafts without a pattern. I can't even cut a straight line without a pattern. I love your choice of fabric, and the yellow button really sets it off!
    Sorry I haven't been blogging, nothing is coming to blog about, LOL. Keep up the good work, you keep inspiring me! I have 4 dresses finished and one in the making that I should finish today, a top is done and will soon be working on a jacket! I have a purse/bag pattern that I have not put together yet, but it is on my list!