Thursday, February 17, 2011

Amy Butler - Anna Tunic

I finally made the Anna Tunic. I've wanted the pattern for a long time and I finally got it for Christmas. I used some solid blue Kona cotton quilting fabric and vintage buttons from my Aunt. I made the pattern for the cami length but it can also be lengthened into a tunic, mini dress or knee length dress. It is fully lined and with every awesome Amy Butler project all the seams are covered/finished so it looks more professional. Now that I've got the first one made I'd like to make a lot more especially with summer on the way. I've seen some really nice variations where people added piping or to make it cooler, skipped the lining and used bias tape for the arm facings. My next project is to make the mini or knee length dress which will be perfect for spring!


  1. I LOVE it!!! I think I need one. Did you ditch the embroidery? Now I must run out and get blue fabric! Oh, wait, I don't have a car. Ha, ha

  2. Very cute!!! Did you say you needed my address so you can send it to me to wear? Ooops, that won't work, it's too small for me :o( Can't wait to see more. The color blue that you made it in IS my color :o)

  3. I decided not to embellish this one because I wasn't sure if it would fit...incidently, it fit perfectly with no alterations necessary :) My favorite kind of project!