Monday, July 16, 2012

Hipster Wolf Shirt With Beaded Fringe (!!)

My lovely niece just went home after staying with us for almost two weeks. While she was here, we embarked on a project I never saw myself involved with. Apparently wolf shirts are coming back in, which I find to be amusing because I do believe I owned one circa 1993. We found this shirt at Amish Walmart, also known as Goods Store in Lancaster county. I hacked off the bottom and cut fringe all the way around. Each fringe has a few pony beads on it...glow in the dark beads, no less! The awesomeness cannot be stopped!! :) She posted pictures on Facebook and immediately had questions of 'Where did you get the shirt?' and 'Can I borrow it?' I sense a business venture coming on...ha! :)


  1. I had missed the news that these were back

    My beloved has several "good" ones saved from his high school years. They are stashed deep in the recesses of my closet so that he doesn't try to, you know, actually *wear* one (it happened once, I refused to be seen with him and tried to pitch them all but he told me how he loved them and I eventually caved and promised not to throw them away)

    Your niece can pull it off, but I will be fighting this fad tooth and nail!

  2. Maybe you can convince Dave to sell them! :)

  3. I have seen them around again, they seem to have made some kind of bizarre vintage comeback.