Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Is A Public Service Announcement

You know how patterns always warn you to pre-wash your fabrics? Well, this is why:

I bought this shirt a few weeks ago and it is was super cute. I got a lot of compliments the first few times I wore it. And then...I washed it. I didn't even dry it, and look what happened! The geniuses who made this shirt obviously didn't bother to prewash the fabric and now the ruffles are too short and there is no way it is going back to its original glory. It has been relegated to the trash. Boo! I happen to religiously pre-wash my fabrics as soon as I buy them so there is no mystery about whether the material has been pre-shrunk. Also, it makes it easy to start a project quickly instead of having to wait to wash and dry your fabric. 

**Thus concludes today's Public Service Announcement. Now go forth and pre-shrink your fabric!**

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