Thursday, November 21, 2013

Framing on a Budget: Painting and 'Aging'

About a month a while ago, I wrote a post about framing on a budget. You may remember the lovely thrift store frame I found and what it looked like in its original glory:

You all know I couldn't leave it that way, didn't you?! I decided to paint it with a pretty turquoise blue I got in a sample size at Lowe's. Technically, you should probably sand or at the very least prime the frame first, but my theory is that frames don't really get touched much so there isn't a big chance of it getting scratched up with use.

 **Newsflash! Home improvement stores now carry sample jars of a lot of trendy colors for a couple bucks. These are great for small projects like this!**

You can see that the frame has lots of detail. You can also see that it still looks rather boring.

I used black paint to paint in the crevices and then wiped the paint away with a rag. It is a little nerve-wracking at first when you are hoping it turns out how you think it will.

And it did! I like the funky, aged look.

It goes along nicely with the funky armadillo look. I will post more about the artwork eventually. This scaly chap will be making his way to Texas to take up residence on Rachel's wall! 

I also spray painted the inner frame black, just to see how it looked. The frame was linen and wood and it took the paint nicely. However, we decided to leave it off. Now all I have to do is find a piece of glass to fit and it will be ready to go!


  1. Phil loves this painting too btw. We aren't shy about fun colors in our house!

  2. Love the aged look of the frame AND the color!