Monday, May 19, 2014

Closet Flashback: Playing With Clay

I've been in a serious creative funk. It's the kind that comes from having a string of botched projects like when you put the finishing touches on a new dress and then the zipper breaks before you can even wear it. Then the seam ripper makes a big hole while trying to take it out to put in a new one...then the needle snaps....then the thread gets snarled and breaks.... 

But I digress.

To reboot my brain I decided to look around my house for inspiration in successful projects that I've made over the years and loved working on. That's when I found this little vase that I made back in high school (no...I'm not doing the math on when that was). Pottery was my favorite class and I REALLY enjoyed working on this project. It's a little lopsided but I loved (and still do!) the drippy glaze and how the colors all came together. 

At it's widest part it's probably only about 4" in diameter.

Much like a dress, I like to put effort into the inside and OUT

I used a light application of white glaze for the base then thickly applied streaks of alternating color that faded into blue. 

After staring at the vase for quite a while I decided that I had enough creative energy to attack the broken zipper again. Hopefully, by the end of the day I'll have a mended dress and the willpower to actually start a new project!  

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