Friday, July 3, 2015

Farmer's Market!

 Last week I did my first Farmer's Market. It was my first 'show' since the days of yore when we sold rag dolls and button dolls at craft fairs with Mom. That was also back in the day when my siblings teased me mercilessly for sewing. Ahem.
 I think I've upped my game a little since then. Friendly plastic and paper rope are no longer in vogue and I've moved on to bigger and better things. I think. I was pretty nervous about signing up for this, but I knew it would be a great way to get my feet wet without a lot of investment. That and I had friends breathing down my back, harassing me to sign up. Ha!
The booth set-up is really fun, and I felt like I didn't have enough time to really think it through. I have tons of ideas for booth set-up and props now...for someday down the road. I also got a Square card reader, which worked beautifully. If you sell things, this is a great thing to have! I believe my two larger sales were only made because I could take credit cards. I found out how friendly venders are, and was able to help the lady next to me with her tent, and she helped with mine. That was nice! I felt my inner-Dad kicking in, thinking about how I can better and more compactly transport everything next time.

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