Saturday, March 19, 2011

Marimekko Fabric

I have a Crate and Barrel outlet near my house which has proven repeatedly to be a dangerous thing for me. One day though, I discovered that some of the outlet locations sell yardage of the Marimekko designs that are exclusive decoration for the regular retail stores. This means that beautiful (and often funky) fabric from Marimekko that usually starts around $35 a yard is on sale for $4.95 a yard. That is awesome but it gets even better...they sell the remnants for .95 cents a pound. Yes, I said .95 cents a pound. This stack was 5lbs and cost me $4.99 and includes smaller pieces and some pieces that are so big I could make a dress or skirt or placemats or purse linings or whatever. The fabric changes by the season too so there's always a reason to keep going back :) So if you ever get a chance, check out Crate and Barrel for their crazy fabric deals!!!


  1. Maybe if you're nice I'll give you some when you come visit! Some of it soooo reminds me of Grandma H :)

  2. Like the orange flower one? Even though its a bit flashy, I love it!