Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh, Boy!

I just discovered the concept of 'digital scrap booking.' (Yes, I live under a rock) Being an anti-Photoshop traditionalist*, I wouldn't have pegged myself as a digital scrapbooker. Yet after I read this tutorial, I think this may be my new way of doing things. I really love to scrapbook, and I am not an expensive, fancy schmancy scrapbooker. However, there are a few other pursuits I like more that scrapbooking, like sewing and gardening. Thus the reason that I have piles of photos languishing in my childrens' boxes. I am thinking that this whole digital thing just might be awesome. It seems that you can get 12 by 12 prints made to slip straight into a scrapbook, or you can upload each page (just like a picture) to a photo website and make a book with them. Oh, the possibilities!

*I'm of the old school, where I think you should learn how to take a good picture in the first place, instead of trying to add all the oomph after the fact via filters and cropping, etc...not that its all bad, but I think a lot of photography skills are being lost because its so easy to 'enhance' everything once you take the picture. End of soap box, over and out. ;)

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