Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Real Live Project!!!!

My son started Kindergarten yesterday. A month or so ago, he informed me that he wanted me to make him a backpack. Now I think by now you have figured out that I love to sew, but there are certain things that I don't bother with, because they are cheaper/easier to just buy it. A backpack is a good example. This little beauty cost me as much as a new Lands End backpack, and my sewing machine decided to give up and die mid-project. However, when my son who I love asks me to make him not just any backpack, but a horse backpack, I said fine. The green fabric is an outdoor canvas from JoAnn's and the lining is a farm print that I picked up in Lancaster. I wanted the backpack to look as 'normal' as possible, as in something that didn't scream 'Hey, look, my mom got a sewing machine for Christmas and she just taught herself how to sew on my backpack!!!!' Since there is a lack of decent backpack patterns on the market (at least in my opinion) I drafted my own. I think this project would have been really enjoyable if my sewing machine hadn't been gasping for its dying breath, but I ended up finishing it off on Mom's machine. (thanks!!) I think if I made it again it would go a lot quicker.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! This is the coolest backpack ever! Now you can start working on one for Katie so she'll have it in a few years :)