Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Dress: Simplicity 2886

Here is a dress I actually finished about a month or so ago. It's taken me all this time to get pictures of it, but I have worn it a few times. A sweet friend of mine, Linda, sent me a Joanns card for my birthday. I decided that I was going to make something just for me! :) I did the whole inner-debate-in-the-fabric-aisle about where or not this fabric was too obnoxious. Obviously, I decided to get it. I knew I would be adding a black waistband and piping. The waistband is pleated? Tucked? I can never remember what its called. I added the piping and left off the sash that was called for. I am happy with the results, although I have to get used to the feel of the dress, because it makes me feel like I am wearing a six person tent! :)


  1. Hey!!! I really likje the dress and the fabric that you made it from, I am a fan of black and white! It sort of matches the chicken in your hand, was that planned?

    Did you use a store bought pattern? I really like the style!

  2. The dress looks amazing Meg! I love it and I love the fact I think it's my favorite dress I've ever seen on you :) Also, I love the decorative use of the chicken.

  3. Thanks, ladies! Yes, the chicken was picked to match. :)