Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sewing Class

I haven't posted since the beginning of August.  No, I didn't fall into a pit or anything but after vacation, things certainly went in a direction I didn't anticipate. As soon as we got back, I started interviewing and going through all of the ensuing responsibilities that go with that adventure. I then started grad school and got a job.  Incidently, I started my new job and grad school in the same week...realized my brain would break if I tried fitting it all in like that so withdrew from grad school for the semester.  That brings me to now...about to hit my 4th week on the new job, boring pants hemming projects behind me, ready to actually start sewing again. 

I knew I had the mental margin to create again the other day when I was standing at the shredder daydreaming about the next dress I could make.  It was perfect timing then that G-Street fabric ran an awesome Groupon deal...hooray! Anyway, I digress. Since I dropped my classes I felt a little sad that I wouldn't be in a classroom anymore so I decided to look for a sewing class to take.  I've really been wanting to learn more about couture technique and tayloring and I happen to love 1950s and 1960s style (Hello Madmen!) and I ran across an online class that teaches you how to make a classic, sarong-style/fitted bodice bombshell dress.  I knew who the teacher was already because I read her blog and it made my day to find out that she had come out with an online class. I've never really delved into using boning or making crazy adjustments so I am really excited to get going on this course.  The fabric I chose is a multi-colored polka dot on cream by Moda and I even have red pumps to match! When the dress is done, all I'll need is a big beehive hairdo and some cat eyes to match :) 

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