Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gifts Kids Can Make: Pretend Bakery Treats

This year, I am having the kids make Christmas gifts for each other. About once a week, someone gets to stay up 'late' from their nap and do a little stealthy crafting. I will be posting the projects as we do them. 

When I saw Frugal Family Fun blog's posts about sock donuts and sponge cake, I knew that would be perfect for my son to make my daughter. The donuts are made by cutting the toe off a dollar store men's dress sock. I flipped mine inside out so the 'nice side' would be out. Roll up the sock, smoothing as you go. When you roll the heel it will seem like it is too messy, but keep going. The top of the sock covers any lumpiness you may have. Hot glue the top of the sock down, cover with felt frosting and puff paint sprinkles. The sponge cake was made using a multipack of sponges from the dollar store. I couldn't find the ones with the colored scrubbing layer, so we used felt for the frosting instead. My son cut the sponges himself and decorated them using puff paint. We added pompom 'cherries' to the top of a few, just for fun. The total cost of this project was $3, and I think she is going to love it!


  1. Clearly I need to make these. As I type the kids are playing bakery. I'm a little slow and I can't picture how you did the doughnuts. The layer cake I get! You might have to give me a quick, personal tutorial for those yummy doughnuts :)