Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yard Sale Haul!

Mom called this morning to say she found a promising yard sale. I threw the kids in the car and headed off. Yes, it was promising indeed! I found boxes upon boxes of vintage buttons. Each box has about 10 cards of buttons.

Two and a half yards of this faux shantung fabric which is prettier in person.

A big box of safety pins and miscellaneous sewing things. 

Five awesome vintage patterns of 60's vintage, several appliques, three packages of trim, a few zippers, a whole box of new packages of needles, several bags of wooden wheels and pegs, and a partridge in a pear tree.

All for the low, low price of $5.50, TOTAL!!! How's that for awesome!? 


  1. That's just not fair. I can't find a yardsale to save my life down here let alone a huge haul like that! Nice job :)

  2. Well, color me faux shantung (aka green with envy!)