Friday, October 26, 2012

The Geriatric Line Backer Jacket

How's that for a description? It might be a little harsh, but this jacket is not my favorite. I wanted so badly for it to work. The pattern looked cute on the picture. Here is the issue: the sleeves are pleated and it adds too much bulk at the shoulders. It makes me feel like a football player. The fabric, I think, could have worked if the jacket was more streamlined. However, combined with the linebacker shoulders, I feel like it makes me look like an old lady. (No offense to old ladies!) The question is, what do I do with it now?


  1. It looks more Jackie O than geriatric. I like the detail on the sleeves...I think you can work with this!

  2. Please tell me how? Maybe I need to post a picture of my wearing it...

  3. It's all in the styling! Wear it with a white tank, dark wash jeans, and a funky necklace?

    Can you rework the shoulders, maybe just take the pleats out and do some plain old gathering, or even dart it and cut out the excess? No idea if that would actually work, but just tossing the idea out there...