Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crazy Quilt

My grandma had this beautiful crazy quilt hanging in her house. I always admired it and a few years ago, she gave it to me! The handwork is really amazing and detailed. There are all sorts of techniques that you don't really see anymore. I think we figured out (and I might have the story wrong...) that it was made by my great great grandmother. 

The flowers on this patch are embroidered and appliqued with some sort of velvet.

I think these are cattails. Notice how each side of the patch is edged with a different stitch! This quilt has a ton of different stitches in it.

A bigger view: you can see on the left side how a few of the patches are disintegrating. They are silk, and had tiny little oil paintings on them.

I love this one! The embroidery is with some sort of chenille thread, on red velvet.

And here is a closeup of one of the paintings.  For a long time I had this quilt stored away so it would stay safe, but I really wanted to enjoy it. I finally hung it up in our bedroom, away from sun and children. Every so often I will refold it so it doesn't get permanent creases. Hopefully someday I will have a big wall to hang it on, so I can see the whole thing!

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