Monday, April 22, 2013

Temporary Sewing 'Room'

 My husband and I recently relocated almost 2,000 miles to Texas (yesterday actually). We are temporarily in corporate housing while we search for a permanent place to stay which means that all of our stuff is in storage for a month. 
I can't go that long without my sewing machine so we used some precious car space and lugged one of my machines along for the ride. I chose one sewing project to bring with (I'll be making the Lonsdale Dress by Sewaholic Patterns), a few hand towels to embroider and a few patterns to trace for future projects to minimize the cargo space that it would take up.    
 When we got here, I was pleasantly surprised that the apartment we're in has a little desk nook that was perfect for a temporary sewing room. It was almost like the apartment knew I was coming and made a special room for me. My sewing area happens to be Henry's new favorite spot too.  
Also, in case you noticed, I crammed a few extra necessities into the car. For example, coasters that my sister/niece/nephews made, jam and pickled veggies that my sister canned, books I'm currently reading, multiple Goorin hats and of course my entire aromatherapy collection. If you're ever in corporate housing, I highly recommend bringing a few meaningful things with you to make it a little cozier and more personalized.   

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  1. Awesome! (except the 2000 miles away part) I am honored that jam made the ride :) I have already plotted how I can send jam in USPS mailing boxes...and totally random, but say happy late birthday to Phil. I figured you guys were a little busy in the last few weeks. :)