Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Armadillo Love Necklace

 I love armadillos....I mean I REALLY love armadillos. I have ornaments, magnets, pictures, drain stoppers, stuffed animals (the plush kind) and t-shirts adorned with them. One day I was perusing Etsy and came across a chain necklace with two armadillos and a heart bead in between them. I didn't feel like spending $30 + shipping from Europe to get it so I did some research and found a vendor that had armadillo beads. I already had the findings, faux-amber bead and leather cording so I went ahead and ordered the dillos. All said and done the finished necklace took less than 5 minutes and cost about $3.    
 This is the easiest necklace I've ever made...It only takes 3 beads, 2 jump rings, a lobster clasp and I used box crimping rings that hold onto the cording ends securely. 

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  1. I love it!! Now we must get on our etsy shop. I checked out the Etsy for Dummies book and it is really good.