Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lonsdale Dress in Polka Dots

 A couple of months ago I made a muslin for the Lonsdale dress (see post here). It fit me perfectly and was wonderful to sew. I couldn't wait to finally make it in this Amy Butler Lotus Full Moon in tangerine fabric. I underlined the whole dress and used alternate seam finishing techniques because my serger was in storage when I made this. I call it my "Magnum P.I." dress because I watched copious amounts of that show while working on this project.  
 I really like the narrow waistband, pockets, fuller skirt and longer length. I don't generally go for full skirts or below the knee stuff but I really like it on this dress.
 I have two issues though which are not pattern related. The underlining makes it difficult to tie a nice clean bow that hangs well and the underlining makes the skirt look wrinkled because the two layers cling together. I've read of other people having this issue but it's not a significant enough problem to deter me from wearing the dress.
I've been meaning to get some pictures up for the last few weeks so this morning I went out and tried to get some decent shots BUT I had some technical difficulties so these were the best I could get with the patience I had available.
I already have the fabric for a 4th of July version of this pattern which I'll be making soon. The next one won't be underlined and I have my serger back so everything should go faster!

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  1. I love it! The first picture made me think of Mom's old college pictures.