Monday, July 8, 2013

VBS: My Excuse For Not Sewing

I miss my sewing machine. A lot. This week I intend to rekindle our relationship and fire it up! The following pictures will explain why I haven't had any time to sew:

This is the castle we built for our VBS Kingdom Chronicles. The castle is made of 4' by 6' sheets of cardboard, two 100' rolls of stone printed aisle runner and copious amounts of hot glue. She stands strong at about 12 ' high on either side. The ladies in the picture were a big help in making my crazy ideas become reality!

The dragon..oh,the dragon, it almost killed me.

This beast took every bit of my meager 3-dimensional skills. It is made of cardboard, hot glue, various recycled containers, tin foil, electrical wire, felt, spray paint (4 cans to be exact), window screen, paper clay, newspaper, deco mesh, corrugated bulletin board trim, straight pins, a tomato sauce box, a floral vase and a string of lights. I am sure there is stuff I am forgetting, but you get the point: it is made of junk. But the eye lights up! 

These are the stained glass window panels. They are made with black paper, tissue paper squares and contact paper. The picture doesn't really capture how bright and cheery they are. 

The kids seem to love the decorations, including the dragon which is good considering my own kid is petrified of it. 

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