Monday, June 7, 2010

Sewing Slump

Unfortunately, not all projects work out as planned. In fact, my last three projects have not worked out as intended. It all started with the red strapless dress on the right. It was going well, I even learned how to properly install a kick pleat/vent which was fun. The problem is that it doesn't fit. Even if I ripped out the seams (which I loathe doing), the size chart for the pattern is so off that no amount of tweaking would make this baby fit me in a flattering way. The second project, the bag on the left, was supposed to be a replacement for one of my deteriorating reusable grocery bags. For some reason, I just did not look forward to sewing the bag. Maybe it is because it was a project out of necessity or because I didn't like the fabric, I don't know but I was rather remiss in my preparation and sewing of the pieces. Needless to say, this bag was doomed from the start and didn't come together with accuracy or attention to detail. The project was abandoned at the lining in part due to my lackluster effort and in part because the bag turned out to be unwieldy in size. The third project, the blue polka dot dress is kind of a Frankenstein-esque type of endeavor. I used a tutorial to make a highwaisted, full skirt and attached a simple halter bodice. I can't count this project as a complete loss because it was a near success. The highwaisted skirt part fit well but the bodice part missed the mark. I may be able to salvage the blue dress by ripping off the bodice and finishing it as a cute, full skirt. The other 2 projects will eventually be repurposed once I stop wanting to throw my sewing machine off my balcony!

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