Monday, August 9, 2010

Its About Time

This dress has been finished for a while. See, I have this dilemma: let my crazy husband take pictures of me with his propensity for making me look like a 7 foot tall amazon woman, or setting my camera up on the tripod and using the self timer. Neither option is great, but this time you are getting the crazy husband option. :) This dress is made from fabric I bought in Florida. It was labeled 'sari' fabric, and it has a seashell border on the edge. While it wasn't something I would ordinarily choose, I really liked it and wanted to try out using a decorative border. The pattern is a Project Runway/McCalls number, so you have a lot of different options when making the dress. I kept this pretty simple due to the richness of the fabric. I am on the fence about the sash. I like the idea of it, but it is so slippery that it doesn't really stay in place. I am pretty pleased with myself that the placket in front lays down nice and flat, and the mandarin collar stands up like it should! (Those things are a pain in the neck) And confession: Mom installed the zipper. I know, I should be a big girl and do it myself, but this fabric was tricky to work with.

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