Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Cakes

Two of my kids had birthdays this weekend. My son found a picture in Family Fun magazine for a barn cake. He wanted it, plus it had to have a horse and a tractor and the pond on the side. He was very specific with his instructions, although we did move the pond over a little bit. The picture on the left is how I made the cake. After taking the picture I added ONE horse, and ONE duck. The picture on the right is after my son got done decorating it! I had to remind myself that it was his cake, as he stuck and repositioned each animal as he saw fit. The other cake was made for my daughter, who requested a princess cake, with 'pwinkles.' I thought it was cute, my husband thought it was creepy. :) She did not take to kindly to the candles, quickly looking like she might implode, so we had to 'help' blow out the candles.

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