Monday, October 24, 2011

Its An Amy Butler Explosion!

I have spent enough time drooling over Amy Butler fabrics and decided it was time to actually buy some. I originally ordered 1 1/2 yards of this to make myself a skirt. I changed my mind and put it to use to change up the scenery in my living room. You all are probably tired of seeing these silhouettes by now, but they are quite easy and satisfying to change up. To adhere the silhouettes, I used this nasty no-sew fusible that I have no other use for. I say nasty because the stuff is a) stiff, b) doesn't hold up through the wash, and c) don't dare sew with it or your machine will get all sorts of gummed up. Despite my animosity toward the poor roll of fusible webbing, it does work for this quite nicely. I can iron them on, slap them in the frame, and peel them off and repeat for the next background fabric. This is the third change so far and they are holding up nicely. I will post my other Amy Butler fabric project later this week.

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