Monday, June 14, 2010

Amy Butler - The Sophia Carry All

My sewing slump is officially over. After a few days of reflection and mental regrouping, I've come back from the project dark side. To start off my crafting rejuvenation, I decided to once again embark on a lengthy Amy Butler project - The Sophia bag. This purse is actually what made me want to sew in the first place. I happened upon Butler's website one day and feasted my eyes on this bag. That was about a year ago and since then I've sewn at least five other Butler patterns including the infamous Weekender Bag. This purse is going together MUCH easier than the Weekender and is so fun to make! I have to say that Amy Butler patterns are like my kryptonite. I get weak in the knees and go into creativity overload when I see one but I suppose there are worse vices than sewing projects :) Anyway, I will post a picture of the bag as soon as it's finished which (after I procure more interfacing) shouldn't take long!

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