Monday, June 21, 2010


Did you know you can make things out of pillowcases? Rachel made this purse. You can make pillowcase dresses. I was surprised to find that you can even make a whole outfit out of a pair of pillowcases! I got these while visiting my Grandma in Florida at the resale shop at Penney Farms for a whopping 50 cents. First, I attempted to make a shirred top, which was cute until one of the rows of shirring came out. I scrapped that idea, cut the shirring off and used the remaining pieces to make a top and capris. The top is from One Yard Wonders. The capris are a modified version of the Willow Wayfarers pattern I love so much. I used the existing hem for the pants, and the ruffle on the shirt. Pardon the out-of-focus crazy pictures, but she was not cooperating at all.

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