Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Successful Failure Bag

The Sophia Bag was a nightmare. The pattern and directions are clear and easy enough and in theory this could be a really wonderful bag. However, I had technical difficulties with the interfacing. I used a quilting weight fabric which requires 3 layers of fusible interfacing. That should've been my clue to NOT use quilting weight fabric. Anyway, that many layers caused a lot of issues and despite my best efforts and some name calling, I just could not get everything to fuse properly which I found out after the bag was mostly sewn together when the interfacing started to bubble and peel off of the fabric...very frustrating after hours of cutting and carefully pressing! Obviously, the bag looked terrible so I decided to redesign with what salvageable materials were left. The end result is a simple tote that is the perfect size for my
purposes and I feel vindicated because precious materials did not go to waste.I say that this project is a successful failure not only because I was able to remake the Sophia into something useable, but also because I successfully installed the zipper into the original project. This is a HUGE feat for me since I have major zipper anxiety! I just decided to grit my teeth and confront the little devil and I did it :)

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