Sunday, February 10, 2013

Childrens Artwork Coasters

 A while back on Pinterest, I saw the idea to make a child's artwork into coasters. I have also been wanting to try this technique for a while. We roughly followed those instructions, using clear glue instead of blue. I also dried the glue with a hair dryer which had the awesome side affect of blowing the glue into little scallops.  We used coarse sea salt which made bigger splotches than regular salt. To make the coasters, I got white tiles from Home Depot which happen to be ridiculously cheap. I cut squares from the finished paintings to be slightly smaller than the surface of the tile. I think that narrow edge makes a nice frame for the artwork. I used modge podge to adhere them to the tiles, and I think I am going to put felt on the bottoms to avoid scratches. (You could also use cork) I think these would also be pretty hanging on the wall in a grouping.


  1. I checked out the tutorial and it looks like a really cool technique. You could make your own wrapping you think it would work on canvas?

  2. I think it could be modified to work on canvas.