Monday, February 4, 2013

Serger Love

I finally bought a serger.
How did I ever sew without one? I should back up though....I actually got it about a month ago and have been terrified of it ever since I saw the threading diagram. I took it out of the box, set it on my sewing table and then eyed it suspiciously for the next 4 weeks until I a) finally had enought time to work with it and b) gathered the courage to confront the thing.
After one small hiccup with some threads getting stuck, I figured out which way was up and there is no looking back. The thing is awesome. I had a tank top pattern lying around and some nice knit and decided to see what would happen...I've almost finished a wearable prototype and it only took about 30 minutes with finished seams and everything.
I hardly know anything about the full capabilities of the machine yet but I know that my knit sewing will increase exponentially, I will not have to tediously french seam everything anymore and I wish I could take off work and go on a sewing binge.

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