Monday, February 25, 2013

Ear Flap Hat! McCalls 6665

My son has been asking me for an ear flap hat. He was very specific: the outside was to be plaid and the inside, fur. I found this awesome flannel on and I love it, so much that I am tempted to order more and go all logger-chic and make myself a flannel shirt or something of the sort. The fur was an entirely different story. I perused pages of faux fur on and found that fake fur is expensive. Fake fur that looks real is even more expensive. And sold out. I was stumped. Until! I had an idea! I went to Sal's Boutique, also known as Salvation Army, on their family day. I found a large women's coat made of this sheepy-type stuff. And it was half off! For $1.99 I got enough fur to make a few hats. Score! The hat was simple to make, even with adding a layer of cotton batting in the middle for added warmth. If you make this pattern, it runs my opinion. The last hat I made for my son was way too tight, so I decided to use 3/8 inch seam allowances on this to give it a bit more room. The hat is pretty huge, and in fact fits my head just right. I have enough left that I am going to make him another one that fits better, so that the ear flaps actually do their job. 

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