Monday, August 26, 2013

Closet Flashbacks: The Geriatric Linebacker Jacket Revisited

Last fall I made this jacket. How much have I worn it? Not once. The shoulders feel poofy to me and I just couldn't deal with it. Until now it has been languishing in my closet and many times I have attempted salvaging the only thing worth keeping (the antique glass button) and trashing the remains. Now that we are doing our Closet Flashbacks, I was inspired to get it out and try it on. It still feels boxy, but not as bad as I thought. With jeans and a black t-shirt, does it work? What's the verdict? 


  1. That would be really cute over a black sweater for the fall/winter.

  2. I think it looks very nice. You and your sister are both very talented.