Monday, January 31, 2011

Cosmo Bag

This is the finished Cosmo Bag and unfortunately, the pictures do not do it justice. I was having technical difficulties which I suspect are from user error not equipment malfunction :) Anyway, the bag was easy to sew up and is huge. The yoga mat is in there for scale because it's hard to tell the size just on the pictures alone. I've made enough Amy Butler bags now to know how to change the interfacing to my specifications so this bag is lined more heavily than is actually called for on the original pattern. I would definitely make this bag again and will be using it for weekend trips, yoga or the grocery store.
P.S. I forgot to mention that this is yet another bag from Amy Butler's book "Style Stitches." I am certainly getting my moneys worth out of that book :)


  1. I really like the bag Rachel! I especially like your choice of fabric!!

  2. I love the bag!! The fabric is awesome. In fact, the brown print looks almost exactly like the stuff I used for Erin's apron.

  3. Thanks Linda! Thanks Meg! I even got the button from Etsy but it matched perfect :)