Monday, August 20, 2012

Bacon and Egg Fascinator

I'm not even going to say this is the weirdest thing I've ever made. I keep saying that, but really? I have made a spiked dog collar, a librarian sweater for a Smeogal bobble-head doll, an embroidered dog portrait on an apron, and now...this! A bacon and egg fascinator! Here's the back story: recently my niece came to visit me. We made bacon roses, per her request. Then, we found bacon fabric to make her a bag. (Pictures coming soon) Then, my crazy mind decided that she needed this to go with it. She actually talked about giving her prom date a bacon corsage so if she does, this will be fabulous! And if she doesn't, I won't care if she never wears it. It was so fun to make! The egg and bacon are hand stitched from wool felt. I gathered the bacon with large running stitches to make it more...bacon like? And of course, any good fascinator needs feathers! These and the netting are courtesy of Rachel. Now my wheels and turning and I am determined to make myself an awesome (non-breakfast food) fascinator to wear to Jeff's Christmas party...because that is the only place I could ever get away with wearing one.


  1. You should have an etsy store. With each item having a story behind it!!


  2. That's you just need to make the pickle fascinator!