Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here she is, ladies and gents...the bacon satchel! When we were waiting in line at Obi's with some perfectly sensible floral print fabric, this bacon print jumped out and called to us. I had volunteered to make my niece a satchel and she asked me if she could ditch the floral and go with bacon. Why not, I say! We found some polka dots to go with it, because if there is anything better than bacon, it's polka dots. I drew the pattern up and got to work. We had seen some bags of the same style (minus bacon) in swanky New Hope shops for $$, and I totally knocked them off and made them better. (If I do say so myself ;) I made it reversible, which gives it a nice weight and more options. One side is embellished with rick rack (bonus points!!) because...well, its rick rack, and it reminded me of the ruffly crispy fatty edges of bacon. That sounds weird, doesn't it? Anyway, on the reverse side I whipped out my awesome 1975 Vogue sewing book (thanks, Shay!) and learned myself a new technique. It is a self faced welt pocket, which is pretty darn nifty. After the mental gymnastics required to figure out exactly how it worked, it really wasn't that hard. And to finish it off, I sewed in a 'Shmegan' tag, because that's what my niece calls me. I used label tape from here: Piggy and Dirt.

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  1. Dearest Shmegan,

    I love your bacon satchel and I know that everything about you is wonderful.