Monday, August 6, 2012

Scrapbook Paper Pads

Another shoe box idea: scrapbook paper pads. I have recently ended up with an odd selection of scrapbook paper left from VBS projects and I wanted to use it up. I had a few of those 12 by 12 'stacks' to work with.  I just tore out the sheets that were left, and cut them in fourths. These pads are square...but they sure don't look like it in the photo! I punched two holes in the top and tied them with ribbon scraps. I know I have heard a lot of stories about how often children are prevented from attending school because of lack of basic supplies. In fact, I recently read that in Uganda, the most common reason children are unable to attend school is the lack of pencils...pencils! While I realize that this is patterned scrapbook paper and won't really be that useful for school, I hope it will be a fun thing for whoever receives them...along with the pencils I will be sure to put in there!

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