Monday, October 21, 2013

Closet Flash Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay Back: Hand beaded, Velvet Bag

A very long time ago, probably circa the late 90s, I needed a fancy bag for some event and my sister lovingly made this for me. I just officially finished unpacking a few days ago and found this carefully tucked away.  
The outer layer is made from black velvet and the inside is lined with a rich, purple colored satin or taffeta (not 100% sure which).
 The fringe is all hand beaded with beautiful leaf and butterfly beads mixed with some tear drops, seed beads and tube beads.
 It has a simple, black, cross body strap and is closed with a loop that goes over a glass butterfly bead.



  1. I cannot believe this still exists! That was from the days of what, 15-18 years ago?

  2. Let's not assign numbers to which days of yore this comes from ;) Let's just say it pre-dates a few things!

  3. I agree. The more I attempt to date things, the older I feel. Let's just say it was from a few years ago. :)