Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ninjago Pillow Case

Although I think we are a little late to the party, my son has become fascinated by Lego guys for the uninitiated. I saw this idea on Pinterest this week and knew I needed to make it. This morning the boy woke up with a cold and this was just the ticket to cheer him up. I basically winged it, using an existing pillowcase as a guide. Then inspiration struck and I cut up the template pillowcase to use for the face. It was a hideous yellow/orange and worked perfectly for the Lego skin color. The eyes are felt and everything was sewn on with a satin stitch. The pillowcase itself is some hideously cheap flannel I had ordered and never used is terrible. Why is flannel so hit or miss? But I digress. This project took me under an hour, and that was with about seventeen 'Hey, Mom! Come see this!' and 'Mom, do you know where my toy/shirt/hippopotamus is?' interruptions.


  1. That is great! I had never heard of Ninjago until this post and then today at work in the children's room at the library. You think working there I would have heard of Ninjago long ago!

  2. I don't know how we missed out on them either. I guess they have been around a while.