Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cigar Box Pen Roll

 I was recently asked if I was interested in a custom order for pen rolls. I love figuring out new projects so I said yes. The customer collects vintage fountain pens and wanted two pen rolls to keep them in.

Most of the pens were the same size, but a few were larger and needed to be accommodated. You can see the flap-less slots on the left. After creating the prototype I sewed up the pen rolls using a double stitch to make the stitching more decorative. I have a love-hate relationship with decorative (contrasting) stitching because if you do it right, it looks awesome. If you screw up, it's ten times more noticeable. I am happy to say I didn't screw up!

Each pen roll fits nicely inside the cigar box the customer provided. I lined the bottom of the box in charcoal gray felt, and now the pen collection has the perfect place to live!

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  1. Your talents are outstanding!