Sunday, February 8, 2015


Ye olde blog has turned into quite the snooze fest lately. Oi! Rachel is busy in grad school and I am plugging away at keeping three kids alive and adding to the Etsy shop. And a few other things. I have had the opportunity to draw again and I LOVE it!! I forgot how much I love to draw. The picture above is of some quick sketches of jack rabbits. Jack rabbits!? For a while now I have had a painting idea rolling around in my head and now it is time to come out on paper. Otherwise my head will explode and that wouldn't be good at all. I have a few more sketches to make and then I will start painting! In other project news, I have been sewing dresses and tea wallets like a crazy person. Who knew that tea wallets would be a hot commodity.

Here are the latest ones:
And here are a few of the newest dresses. I now have this style dress up to a 2T!

I'm hoping to soon squeeze in a personal project....for myself! I have had the fabric forever to make this Anthro knock-off and I just need to get crackin'. Spring is coming, be it ever so slowly.

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