Monday, February 9, 2015

Chalkboard Door DIY

Usually when I see a project with chalkboard paint, it elicits an involuntary eye roll. I mean really, it is almost as overdone as paint chip crafts. However, I decided to give in to the chalkboard call and paint a board on my door. For a while now, I have used this particular door as a hanging place for verses, encouraging words, and random quotes. After some highly scientific observation, I realized that after looking at the same stuff for a while you just stop reading it. Enter: the chalkboard! I can write our latest memory verse, draw a few pictures or whatever floats my inspirational boat. It is right by our dining table so we see it often. To make it, I just penciled in the lines using my quilting ruler, taped it off and sprayed it. Which is not recommended. The hinges have been painted approximately 57 times and I was unable to get it off the hinges. I used a giant foam board reflector to catch the over-spray but it wasn't entirely effective. Word to the wise: take the dang door off the hinges and bring it outside! I found I needed 3 coats to get a good surface. When I peeled away the tape, a few edges tore because I believe the door may also have 57 coats of paint on it. Yay for 60 year old houses. I just touched them up with a Sharpie, seasoned the chalkboard and it was done. It makes me happy, happy, happy!

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