Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Infinity Dress

I finally made the infamous infinity dress. I needed a dress for Vegas and I needed something that would fold up small and not wrinkle which is what the top picture shows. After countless hours searching for answers and tutorials and examining every picture I came across to understand the process, I finally did it. It still needs a few minor adjustments but, for all intents and purposes it is ready to roll.
For my birthday my husband took me to G Street Fabric and I found this material which is a soft, black, 2-way stretch jersey and what was even better is I got it for $2.97 a yard on some huge sale. I looked into buying one of these dresses and I found that the range was between $100 and $350 which I thought was outrageous. I made mine for $10...Yo soy el ganador on this one!
Anyway, there are crazy ways to tie up this dress but I only showed 5 to give a hint of its versatility. I will be wearing a black birdcage veil with the dress but I haven't decided what kind of jewelry or plumage to wear. I am definitely leaning towards bright flowers though to offset the black.


  1. could you please post a "how to" post on how to make this dress? i think it looks fantastic! i agree with you that the range for this dress is ridiculous. some tips and tricks would be helpful. thanks :)

  2. yeaaah! i've been looking for good diy for an infinity dress forever. i tried one before and butchered it. will you post your how to? yours looks great!